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LaRutaMariana By Toptravel

Beauty, charm and spirituality!

TOPTRAVEL would love to take your group along the Marian Route, an extraordinary journey through three different countries and exciting destinations. Our program the Marian Route, is comprised of 3 components:

Quality, Experiences, Emotion


What is the Marian Route?

The Marian Route is an itinerary of faith and culture that links up the sanctuaries of El Pilar, Torreciudad, Montserrat, Meritxell and Lourdes. These places are important Marian temples located on both sides of the Pyrenees. They offer an unforgettable experience to travelers and pilgrims on their journey following the trace of Virgin Mary.

Travelling across different stages, the route passes three countries (Spain, France and Andorra) and offers the possibility to visit five sanctuaries in a single pilgrimage, and as a global destination.

The Marian Route mixes culture and devotion, art and spirituality, nature and meditation. Every sanctuary has a different way to approach Virgin Mary and harbor unique artistic and monumental treasures. For this reason, the Marian route is visited by believers as well as heritage lovers. Marian Route Association.

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Why with Toptravel?

Our main ingredients in this great menu are: Professionalism, experience, exclusivity, quality, proximity, enthusiasm and affection. We pursue a single purpose: To give the opportunity to enjoy the Marian Route to all those who dare to savour it in search of emotion, passion and spirituality.

We are at your complete disposal!

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The Journey

We offer a great trip for your group, carefully designed to fully delight the Route and its experiences; without forgetting any detail. We can adapt the group's planning to your specific needs, such as the starting point, the availability of days, preferences, interests and budgets.

Our destinations pass through the history of three countries and their people, forming the Marian Route, on a recommended itinerary of 9 days and 8 nights.

At the foot of this peculiar mountain silhouette, an authentic train track will take us, under exquisite views, into the heart of the Sanctuary of Montserrat, a spiritual place unlike any other in the world, protected by its landscape of great beauty that, without a doubt, will leave you breathless.

We will have the opportunity to get to know the Monastery and Sanctuary in all its facets. We will listen to the “Montserratina Salve”, sung by one of the oldest children choirs in Europe, the Escolanía de Montserrat. We’ll visit the home of the Virgin: “Camarín de la Virgen de Montserrat”, La Moreneta, which takes us through a route captured in multiple great works of art, flowing into the magical path of the Ave Maria. We will enjoy fabulous experiences and will not leave any spot undiscovered by us!

We are located in the heart of the Aragon’s capital and ready to explore this monumental city with a great historical and cultural legacy, with a special prominence of its icon: the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar, commonly known as: "la Pilarica". Together we will discover why!

Our passionate guide will lead us throughout the day and will awaken our curiosity with an engaging explanation about the Basilica and the history of the Kingdom of Aragon.

Together, we will contemplate impressive works of the famous painter, Francisco de Goya, we will admire the Holy Chapel and we will learn all the secrets and countless anecdotes that are hidden inside the temple.

We are very privileged to be able to visit together with our guide, the Cathedral of San Salvador or “La Seo”, inscribed in the World Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.

Our bus will take us through a breathtaking landscape at the very door of the Sanctuary of Torreciudad where a warm welcome awaits us. We are blinded by this impressive and beautiful place, full of contrasts that surrounds the Sanctuary, at the foot of the El Grado reservoir.

We will listen to the words of the same founder of the Sanctuary; Josepmaría Escrivá de Balaguer.  This will guide us to discover and understand more profound all the why’s about this great centre of international pilgrimage.

The Sanctuary is also known as the "Sanctuary of Families". Every year the traditional Marian Family Day is celebrated, with the attendance of more than 16,000 people!

Lourdes, pure inspiration and energy!

We need to be prepared to be constantly amazed at every corner, when our local guide surprises us with all you need to know about Bernadette Soubirous. We will visit the worldwide famous Sanctuary of Lourdes with its spectacular surroundings. We recognize, one by one, the famous signs: The rock, the light, the water, the crowds and the sick.

The sunset in Lourdes promises snapshots that stay forever in our memories!

It is also planned to participate in the evening procession, known as the "Removal of the Torches" and later take part in singing the Ave Maria, with believers from all around the world.

We will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the legendary excursions during the stay in Lourdes, for example; Going up with a cable car to the mountain peak; Pic du Jer, to enjoy incredible panoramic views.

We discover the Principality of Andorra by visiting an architectural masterpiece, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Meritxell, as the first star dish of the day!

"The Virgin of Meritxell has been, is and will always be the spiritual guide of the Andorran people, the light that illuminates the lives of its citizens. The Principality is not explained without its virgin and vice versa."

We follow the footsteps of our Virgin Meritxell, also the patron saint of the country, and we will hear her legend, as we stroll along the same path, where she also passed ... It was her who chose the place where she wanted to be and for this reason, the citizens built in her honour a church, which was burned by a fire in 1972. This resulted in a new and majestic creation, demonstrating the link between the past and the future.

After visiting Meritxell, our local expert will take us on a Panoramic tour through history, traditions, incomparable landscapes, great Romanesque heritage and Andorran gastronomy.

La Ruta Mariana



The package is calculated from 25 people, 8 nights / 9 days.

What includes

Our dedicated and attentive guidance

Transport 9 days

An experienced guide throughout the trip

Unique tours of historical and special locations and sites

Carefully selected accommodations by us, mostly 4 stars

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Tickets to museums, sanctuaries, cathedrals, during planned visits

A spiritually moving experience full of surprises!

Not include


Travel insurance and medical assistance

Extra expenses which are not part of the tour package

Tips and Pocket money

Everything that is not explicitly mentioned

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know.

We only offer packages for organized groups but in any case, we are happy to help you. A good alternative might be to try to join an organized group, maybe with an association or a Catholic centre for example, that decided to embark on an experience like this with Toptravel.
We adapt the Route to the needs and preferences of our customers, taking into consideration your starting point, (flight arrival), the availability of days and other needs you would like to cover for your clients. We will prepare for you a detailed proposal with our recommendations for the preferred route.
Yes, that is possible, we can adapt the journey to the availability of days and interests of the group. We recommend an itinerary of 9 days/ 8 nights, to enjoy a pleasant and intense stay in each of the beautiful destinations composing the Marian Route.
Of course! Although there might be an increase in costs, depending on our providers who normally will charge a supplement for being a smaller group. But we will be happy to offer you a customized quote.
Toptravel, if required, guarantees a trusted guide throughout the itinerary and will be supported by local guides in each of the scheduled destinations.
The Route is accessible for people with disabilities. All destinations are suitable to travel to and to enjoy the visits and activities, without barriers. Just let us know in advance to have everything well planned and organised.

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